Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oneness together

We have all come from a place of oneness. Our first experience in this world was the belly of our mother, an experience without vision, water with no boundaries, warmth with no separation.

We have all come out in this world feeling the cold on wet skin. Soon the same connection is there again, when we are lying on mother's belly, but something is different. We now know the meaning of outside.

We have all opened our eyes for the very first time. The outside space is big, but not as big as the inside. The ocean inside had no boundaries.

When I surrender to experiencing fully this moment without thought, I am again in a place of no boundaries.

Only this time, my oneness has a taste of together.


  1. Thank you Pia. And I want you to know that your health project is an inspiration for me. I would like to participate in a workshop with you on the food you have been making. Even if the food is straightforward, it's nice to have guidance from someone who has experience.