Saturday, October 2, 2010

Creating is accepting

Imagine the joy in a drop of water
When it realizes it is the ocean

Any whole contains something more than its parts. Take all the water molecules in the world and observe them separately. No ocean. The whole comes into being when accepting the parts as one. Ping! Hello whole! You just created an ocean through letting go of something else. Very Yoda.

Because the intellect's only function is to analyze -- which means to split into parts -- the truth of any whole can never be grasped through thinking, neither can it be truthfully expressed in words.

The truth of any whole therefore, can only be experienced as a participant from within. Only players know soccer. Only you KNOW your experience. 

And so, because this moment is all there is, then the truth of the whole existence can be found only by joining this moment as totally as a drop joins the ocean. And when watching the drop joining the ocean I can see that it is an undoing. The drop lets go of tension, which creates the separation. This surface tension created the drop in the first place and, of course, letting go of it seems like death to the drop. But the drop cannot resist ...

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