Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I am here

This day has been a real roller coaster. I was walking to the bank to shut down an account, when I met this Asian woman was walking in the opposite direction with a stroller in the street. The sun was shining and I had Oasis' Champagne Supernova in my ears when I saw her coming with her sunglasses on, smiling. Her smiling made my joy bubble up and that bounced right back to her and there was a moment of connection in joy, just as we passed each other. I was smiling around my head. It was a split second thing and it made my day.

Otherwise it's been heavy for me these last days. I was consciously nasty to a friend last weekend and I've felt bad about it since. I always do. That revenge stuff has never paid off for me, ever.

And so this old gem popped up on my shuffle today, and it woke me up for a moment. The opening line hit me stronger than ever before.


  1. Welcome to my blog Thomas. So happy to have you there. of course I had to look in to your blog to. And found fantastic Tracy Chapman as a You Tube clip. Perfect for me, as I also have done someting I regret to a friend. Hard to be honest but not rude. "If its true for you let it out" you write, but I often find that hard. usually I end up full of regrets: Why was I than spontaneus?

  2. Hallå Pia! Thanks for commenting! Yes, it can be hard. If I ever regret spontaneity, it's usually when I have "crossed the line" and started making claims about someone else instead of only expressing my own experience. As long as I stick to what's happening in myself - even if it's anger towards the other - and I am able to just express it without blame, then I seldom regret it. Too often though, if I'm hurt, I want the other one to feel it too ...

  3. Hellou Thomas, I found a really nice site with 50 cool links that reminded me of many good things, you being one of them! I thought you might enjoy. Here you go:

  4. Thanks Päivi :) and thanks for the link - it was new to me. Nice stuff.