Thursday, February 18, 2010

What would you do?

If you were the mayor of Worldsville, a big town around the globe in which all human beings lived, and you were asked to decide on the prime issues to resolve immediately, which would they be?

For me it would be water, food, shelter and a functioning money system. I bet the systems could be built and implemented quite quickly if we really wanted to.

I'd make it an Olympic sport: Functional creativity. The best brains and magicians from each country compete in solving practical problems. Like designing an uninflatable money system. Or how to bring back ecologic food production on a massive scale as quickly as possible. Or how to use like-buttons for finding the best ideas for local community development.

I'd like to make saving the planet fun. Where are the World Championships in rapid innovation? Or the Eurovision Design Contest? Or Britain's got Democracy. Or ...

Who wants to be Mayor?

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