Friday, December 31, 2010

The last

I started out this blog on Januari 1 with this post, in which I stated my new years resolution for 2010, but with all the words x:ed out. I promised to show what I had written on December 31 - and that's today!

Thank you for visiting my blog, thank you for giving my thoughts attention, and thank you for your comments on my posts.

Here's the post:

I dedicate the year 2010 to being open.

Open to speaking my truth.
Open to showing you I like you.
Open to being in all of my body, fully alive.
Open to telling you when you hurt me.
Open to taking risks.
Open to being a man in my community.
Open to being childlike.
Open to speaking up when things need to be said.
Open to asking for forgiveness.
Open to letting go of the past.
Open to opening up.
Open to anger.
Open to joy.
Open to love.


  1. Beautiful resolutions and, I believe, beautifully fulfilled!

  2. Hej! Vad synd att du har slutat blogga. Jag tyckte om att läsa den. Hoppas du fortsätter nån dag. Då lovar jag att kommentera ibland! /Marina

  3. Tack ska du ha Marina, det värmde.

    Jag har en känsla av att jag kommer att öppna munnen nån dag. Kanske blogg, kanske nåt annat.

    Det var en gåva du gav.

  4. Roligt att höra Thomas! Du har väldigt fina tankar och jag vill absolut höra mera!!