Friday, January 1, 2010

Right now ...

I dedicate the year 2010 to xxxxx xxxx.

I wrote a sincere post with a list of what I dedicate this year to, but then I decided to cover it with x:s. Better this way. Better not to talk first and do later. Better to dream and do.

I will instead publish it as the last post of this blog on December 31, 2010. God willing and so on.

Happy 2010 friends - and greetings from Tenerife! I'll join my parents and brother's family down on the beach now. Told them I'm coming "right away" about an hour ago.

I dedicate this year to xxxxx xxxx.

xxxx xx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxx.
xxxx xx xxxxxxx xxx x xxxx xxx.
xxxx xx xxxxx xx xxx xx xx xxxx, xxxxx xxxxx.
xxxx xx xxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxx xx.
xxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxx.
xxxx xx xxxxx x xxx xx xx xxxxxxxxx.
xxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx.
xxxx xx xxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxx xxxx xx xx xxxx.
xxxx xx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx.
xxxx xx xxxxxxx xx xx xxx xxxx.
xxxx xx xxxxxxx xx.
xxxx xx xxxxx.
xxxx xx xxx.
xxxx xx xxxx.

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