Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday. Yej!

Just came home from YLE - the public broadcasting company here in Finland - for whom I'm producing a tv show together with my friend André. André is a professional comedian and kind of famous around here. We sat in the archives watching old stuff, which we're trying to turn into new stuff for the show. It's fun to do. It's watching tv and feeling like I'm doing something.

It's the second season we do and this time I'm more laid back, because I know what I'm looking for. Last time it was more of keeping a straight face while hoping we get there in the end. And it's fun to work with André, because he's a really funny guy with a good heart. That's a nice combo.


  1. Miten sä halusit ne kommentit etusivulle näkyviin? Vai onks ne jo näkyvillä tarpeeks? Ite tuunasin tuolta Muokkaa ulkoasua - Sivuelementit ja Asetukset - Kommentit. Mut that's all... Mikä täällä on vaikeaa? :)

    Ja tervetuloa bloggeriin, she says like she owns the place.

  2. Siinä oli bugi. Ne eivät vaan tulleet esille. Sitten aloitin uuden blogin samalla nimellä ja - bom - toimi kuin junan vessa.