Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ariel and David from Argentina surfing my couch

I had the pleasure of hosting Argentinian brothers David and Ariel for three days. They are traveling Europe together after David finished his four months as an exchange student studying law in Amsterdam.

I had a great time in their company. They are intelligent, open, curious and very warm people. Now they are off to Rovaniemi to catch some nothern lights.

See you again, friends!

Here's Ari on my couch (well, actually the couch is my friend Kim's, but it's in my living room ...)


  1. Argentinians are wonderful people! I recommend you to visit their beautiful country if you haven´t been there...

  2. I haven't yet - actually I've never visited South America (except for Cozumel, Mexico, but that doesn't really count..).

    But I want to and especially now that I have friends there!